Harland Miller at White Cube Bermondsey, London

Harland Miller at White Cube Bermondsey, London

The new exhibition by Harland Miller 'Imminent End, Rescheduled Eternity' opened last week at White Cube Bermondsey in London. The exhibition presents new paintings and works on paper by British Artist, Harland Miller. 

Through the interplay of graphic idiom, typography, gestural abstraction and a rich palette of colours, the exhibition addresses what Miller calls ‘a perpetual imbalance’; between language and image, colour and form, the visual and the emotional.

Miller’s exhibition title, ‘Imminent End, Rescheduled Eternally’, is typically dark, suggestive and poetic, pointing to circularity and a process of building and dissolution that might also be a metaphor for his own painterly practice. In his new works, evolving from themes present in earlier series, Miller focuses on the language of paint; its materiality, seductive properties, colour range and styles of application. In particular, he draws on the gestural abandon of 1950s abstraction, the physical surfaces of Danish artist Asger Jorn, and the bright, saturated palette and iconography of Pop Art. At the same time, Miller unearths themes of anxiety, love and mortality, that are the foundations of the human condition.

The exhibition will be on view until January 22nd, 2023. Read more, here


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