Spencer Tunick at Reflex Modern Art Gallery, Amsterdam

Spencer Tunick at Reflex Modern Art Gallery, Amsterdam

Last weekend the new exhibition by Spencer Tunick was launched at Reflex Modern Art Gallery in Amsterdam. The exhibition, titled 'Public Interventions' will be on view until November 7th, 2022. 

Artist-photographer Spencer Tunick’s work defies genres. Tunick transforms public spaces with temporary monuments of people rewriting the locations through their complex, organic compositions; they are figurative yet abstract, inherently public, and deeply intimate: they depict sincere unity and wild differences. The photographs are simultaneously painterly, sculptural, and installations. In this show, the selection of pieces reflects on the artist’s work with abstraction, adornment, traditional group portraiture and the “body without clothing.” Reflex is proud to present Tunick’s first solo exhibition in the Netherlands and the first with the gallery. The show includes new and unseen works.

The masses of bodies – what the artist calls “the body in multiple” – is an undeniably captivating feature of Tunick’s practice. Bodo Bodyscape is an ode to this phenomenon, as human bodies are folded over a hillside overlooking a small Norwegian city at the break of dawn. Each person is holding a solar light in their out-stretched arms, mirroring the city lights in the background. As a piece of land art, Tunick utilizes the body as his organic material to create transient sculptures in natural environments. In a trend that traverses his entire career, he plays carefully on oppositions between public and private, and organic and synthetic. Ultimately, Tunick turns cities into bodies, bodies into cities, and renders the familiar as unprecedently enchanting.

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FAMOUS is proud to hold a book by Spencer Tunick, signed. Find it, here and order it directly.  

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