Takashi Murakami: New exhibition at Gagosian, New York.

Takashi Murakami: New exhibition at Gagosian, New York.

An Arrow through History, an exhibition of new works by Takashi Murakami, was launched at Gagosian on May 11, 2022. 

In three simultaneous presentations spanning two of Gagosian’s New York galleries, Murakami bridges the physical and digital realms. A digital version of the galleries is made available online on Gagosian.com or through a VR headset. The immersive viewing experience allows access to the entire exhibition from anywhere in the world. 

In addition, visitors on-site can activate numerous custom Snapchat Lenses to view augmented-reality animations in each gallery and on the building’s exterior.

Japanese culture originally came from the Eurasian continent, and my concept has been to go beyond from there into the metaverse, shooting through the history of art with a single arrow. 
—Takashi Murakami

The exhibition features works based on the Clone X NFT initiative (2021), paintings related to the Murakami.Flowers NFT project (2021–22) and new paintings inspired by the fish motif depicted on a Qinghua blue-and-white porcelain vase—a masterpiece from China’s Yuan dynasty— and by Murakami’s childhood memories of riverside journeys with his father, during which he observed anglers fishing for carp.



The exhibition will be on view from May 11 to June 25, 2022 on 980 Madison Avenue, New York.





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images: © Takashi Murakami/Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. Courtesy Gagosian 

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