The Skateroom x Jeff Koons

The Skateroom x Jeff Koons

We are excited to present the new, limited edition skateboard made by Jeff Koons and The Skateroom! 

'Popeye Skateboard' is a set of 3 skateboards, each approximately 80 x 20 cm, from a Limited Edition of 500, produced and numbered by The Skateroom in 2021. A Certificate of Authenticity signed by The Skateroom is included. 

Jeff Koons, one of the leading artists in the world, reinterprets a detail of his 2008 oil painting Triple Popeye, a layered and hand-painted composition with the iconic cartoon character, Popeye. Here we see the fictional sailor clutching a can of spinach, his life-force, and posing triumphantly amid colorful gestures and a reflective silver line drawing to give a sense of movement. Popeye Skateboard, 2021, utilises a triptych of skateboards as its canvas. 

“Popeye is about an image of, ‘I am what I am.’ Kind of a symbol of self-acceptance that you have to embrace who you are. Popeye has his spinach. Spinach brings about his transcendence, and brings about his power. That’s what art [is]. Art is our spinach.” – Jeff Koons.



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